What is Sand Casting Process

Sand casting is Metal forming process by using sand. Sand is molded to form metals. It is formed at special factories known as Foundries. It is used very widely nowadays. Over 70% of total metal production is done through casting iron.

Sand casting is very cheap and can be refectory to use in steel foundries. A bonding agent is used with sand while doing sand casting processes. Mostly Clay is used as a bonding agent. The bonding agent is mixed up with the sand. Then the mixture is moistened with water or any other suitable liquid which helps while molding the metal. These sand casting are then kept in the frame or the structure which shapes it according to the need.

Green sand is a type of sand casting which is formed by using wet sand which already contains water and bonding material in it. The bonding material is usually clay. The green sand is the mixture of many components like chromite sand, silica sand and zircon sand. It also contains graphite and olivine components. A very little proportion of inert sludge and anthracite is also present in it.

The ratio of clay added as a bonding agent changes the molding factor of the metal formed.

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